Our mission for SnapBack NC, Co. is to change the stigma of the population that struggles with substance use, alcoholism, and mental illness. We aim to bridge the gap between the individual and the needed support for them and their families. We provide peer support community resources through support groups, therapeutic services, and educational workshops. Also working with the community to connect the family to other resources such as employment, and continuing education. We link individuals to higher levels of care if needed, for inpatient treatment, sober living transitions, psychiatric medication management, etc. SnapBack NC, Co. works with the individual and their family on long-term treatment plans through person-centered goals utilizing a peer support approach by individuals that understand firsthand and can help the family navigate the journey of recovery.


Did you know?

59.3 million people (21.4%) in the US age 12 and older have used illicit drugs within the last year


23.5 million people in the US age 18+ are in recovery


11.2% of those stuggling in the US with substance abuse and/or alcoholism have accessed treatment and or support


In North Carolina, statistics of overdoses resulting in death climbed 40% from 2019 to 2020(averaging 9 deaths per day in our state)


A study provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services states "Around 14% of behavioral health treatment facilities in the U.S. are in rural communities, and less than half of these specialize in addiction treatment."

Peer Support

According to research by Mental Health America(mhanational.org), "Peer support empowers people to make the best decisions for them and to strive towards their goals in their communities. Peers are an essential component of recovery-focused systems and are key across settings and stages of recovery."

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