Peer Support Services (medicaid/self-pay)


Peer Support Services (PSS) are an evidenced-based mental health model of care that provides community-based recovery services directly to a Medicaid-eligible adult individual diagnosed with a mental health or substance use disorder. PSS provides structured, scheduled services that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, engagement in self-care and wellness and enhancement of community living skills of the individual. PSS services are directly provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) who have self-identified as a person(s) in recovery from a mental health or substance use disorder. PSS can be provided in combination with other approved mental health or substance use services or as an independent service. Due to the high prevalence of individuals with co-occurring disorders (mental health, substance use or physical health disorders) it is a priority that integrated treatment be available to these individuals.

Peer-Support Based Support Groups (Free service)


*Weekly Support groups led by Peer Support Specialist for individuals struggling with Substance use and/or Alcoholism; see calendar page for schedule


*Monthly  Support groups led by Peer Support Specialist and Mental Health Professionals geared towards families(adults and children) of individuals struggling with substance use, alcoholism and/or mental illness; see calendar page for schedule

Pastoral Counseling (Self-Pay)


Faith-based Individual, marriage and family counseling by a pastor 



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